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22ND NOVEMBER 2020 NEWS SECTION UPDATED with Road Signs Competition information and a Report on Language used to describe older people. PLease click on the Current News section!
Association Charter
The Government are expected to provide an adequate weekly State Retirement Pension directly related to, and to be annually increased in line with average earnings, from The National Insurance Fund.

The Association demands the Government IMPLEMENT TO THE FULL the recommendations of the 1999 Royal Commission, Care of the Elderly.

Demand that discrimination on the grounds of age be illegal.

Ensure the development of free care facilities to address the companionship and social needs of the retired.

Press the Government and others to take positive action on crime prevention and detection, to alleviate the FEAR OF CRIME amongst pensioners.

To press for the creation of ways and means to enable retired people to participate in the development of policies and legislation which affect them.

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