We are based on a federation of many of the social clubs run by and for retired people in most of our communities. 

Our objectives can be summarised under these themes:

To promote the social inclusion of retired people by supporting local branches as much as possible. These branches provide the opportunity for social activities for their members. It cannot be too strongly emphasised that these branches are run by officers elected from the members. We also provide advice to branches and their officers on any problems they might encounter. Our Annual Rally is a chance for our members to join a social gathering on a larger scale. As well as enjoying the entertainment provided, we hope that they can exchange a few ideas with members from other areas.

To provide a voice for retired people through the election of an Executive Council. While most of our branches' activities are socially based, their members do have concerns which can be expressed through the Association. This can happen at the regular Executive meetings in Aberdare or, more formally, at the Annual Conference / AGM. Branches are kept informed of activities at the Executive level and have the opportunity to provide feedback.

To campaign to improve the welfare of retired people in all sorts of ways: better pensions, better healthcare, better transport, ending age discrimination, ending elder abuse and so on. We aim to do this in a non-political way and by co-operating fully with other organisations campaigning for the same things.

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