9TH APRIL 2021
Active Wales Letter to Branch Secretaries March 2021

Dear Secretary

I am contacting you on behalf of the Executive Committee of Active Wales.

The pandemic has changed all our lives and as a result we have had to find new ways of working to keep our organisation active and relevant to all members of Active Wales. What Active Wales doesn’t have is a data base of all its  members. As a result, we are way behind most organisations.

Without such a data base it is difficult to keep in touch with members other than through the Branch Secretaries who we need for contact with your own local branches.

This is no way to take over the work of branch officers but a way of communicating on a Wales level on matters Active Wales organise. We must be able to communicate in a modern way and to inform members of our social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

I give the example of the annual conference, or the petition that was organised against removing the free TV licence for the over 75-year olds. Both organised by the officers of Active Wales.

As we cannot have face to face meeting most of us are now attending Zoom meetings including the Executive meetings and they are working well. We may have to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

We must accept that the “old normal” has gone  and we have to adjust to the “new normal” We could for example organise a Zoom conference which many organisations are doing with great success

To carry out activities of this nature  we would need the email addresses of members who have them as this could not be organised by communication through  branch secretaries. If we cannot do such things, then we will lose members as this is such a good  way of keeping in touch and keeping our organisation active and relevant to older people in Wales

So, I am asking you for your help and support in contacting your members who have an email address for their permission to give their email address to Active Wales for the purpose of communication

If some of your members do not have an email address, please let us have their home address. As these addresses are generally public knowledge the law on getting permission does not apply.

Please help Active Wales in this task. If you would like to discuss this request further, please contact either Ann Vincent Active Wales General Secretary or myself.

My email is blaenrhonddagale@hotmail.com
Ann Vincent email is activitewalessec@gmail.com 

With all best wishes


Baroness Gale of Blaenrhondda

President Active Wales

18TH MARCH 2021
Cwmgwrach Old Age Club
We recently spoke to John Laker of the Cwmgwrach Old Age Club who was happy to give us a little more insight and information on the club if case anybody wanted to join. 

The club has been going for over 70 years and ANYONE over the age of 55 are welcome to join!!

They meet each week on a Wednesday evening at 6pm for around 2 hours at The Cwmgwrach Welfare Hall. 

They have entertainment in the form of Tonna Male Voice Choir, trips to theatres and of course bingo!

We are currently still in lockdown but when things get back to normal you can contact John on -

01639 721234

John is also the Chairman of Glynneath Gardening Club and if you would like more information on this they have their own website at -


Cwmdare branch pictures
Information is hard to come by at the moment with the COVID restrictions but we had an uplifting email from Mairwen Silvanus (Secretary of the Cwmdare Branch) regarding the flowers they gave out last summer as well as the giving of Christmas gifts for branch members. 

Mairwen is pictured here with Mair Morris. 

Many thanks Mairwen!
Centre for Ageing Better - road sign competition

Report on the language used to describe older people
September Newsletter
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30TH JUNE 2019
June Newsletter
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Letter from Julie Morgan to Active Wales President re: Conference

19TH JUNE 2019
Official Statement - A Life Worth Living

Statement below - A Life Worth Living! (remember  click on Word Doc link and it will download to your computer. Then Open.
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19TH JUNE 2019
Age Discrimination
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5TH MAY 2019
May Newsletter
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April Newsletter
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March Newsletter
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10th February 2019
February Newsletter
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25th January 2019
January Newsletter

Latest Active Wales leaflet

29th May 2017
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7th December 2016
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15th April 2016
April's Newletter
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6th March 2016
New Venue

Cwmllynfell & Rhiwfawr branch of Active Wales/ Cymry Biwiog have moved to a new venue in Neuadd Cwmllynfell Hall as the previous building became unsuited . As a result we have gained a number of members. We recently celebrated St David's with
cawl and cakes with an attendance of 37 members A group of schoolchildren from Cwmllynfell School came to entertain us with sons, recitals and dance

Please click on the link below to play the video
(Best played using VLC Media Player as it then appears the correct way up!)

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20th January 2016
Chair's New Year Message

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January 2016 Bilingual Newsletter

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1st December 2015
Loneliness alters the immune system to cause illness, study finds

27th November 2015
November Newsletter

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Later Life Newsletter

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Later Life Newsletter

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19 June 2015
News from the Welsh Government

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21st May 2015
Active Wales Annual Conference

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20th May 2015
May Newsletter

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21st April 2015
April Newsletter
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 16th April 2015
Retired? Want to stay Active?
Posters/Flyer. Hard copies available on request!

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Pensioners Forum Wales Manifesto

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19th March 2015
March Newsletter

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16th March 2015
Loneliness and Isolation Report

20th February 2015
February Newsletter

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9th February, 2015
National Executive Meetings Active Wales 2015

Training for 50+ Forum in Rhonda Cynon Taff

Health and Wellbeing Event 50+

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Ystrad Old Age

A brief history of Ystrad OAP Hall

30th January, 2015
January Newsletter

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18th December, 2014
December Newsletter

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15th December, 2014
Public Meetings

Cwm Taf University Health Board (UHB) is committed to creating opportunities that will update and encourage local groups and individuals to express their views on current health care provision and proposals to redesign health care services in the future.  You are therefore welcome to attend one of the following public meetings to hear more about the following topics:

- GP Out of Hours
- Primary and Community Care
- Paediatric Assessment Unit





Rhondda Valleys

6 January 2015 (Tuesday)

13:00 -  16:00
(12:45 registration)

Rhondda Sports Centre
Gelligaled Park
CF41 7SY

Cynon Valley

7 January 2015 (Wednesday)

13:00 -  16:00
(12:45 registration)

Michael Sobell Sports Centre
The Ynys
CF44 7RP

Taff Ely

16 January 2015 (Friday)

13:00 -  16:00
(12:45 registration)

Llantrisant Leisure Centre
Southgate Park
CF72 8DJ

Merthyr Tydfil

27 January 2015 (Tuesday)

18:00 -  20:00
(17:45 registration)

Canolfan Soar
Merthyr Tydfil
CF47 8UB

The UHB is eager to increase the number of participants attending these events, so please share the details of these meetings with your family, friends and colleagues. 

16th November, 2014
November Newsletter
This month's Newsletter can be downloaded by clicking the link below (NewsletterNov14.docx) or zoomed in by clicking the picture below. If you are downloading the Newsletter, then you will need a package like Microsoft Word or an alternative.

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